Bush Hockey League



Trading Cards

Unlock retro hockey cards of top players in the BHL to learn more about their back story as you advance through key moments in Story Mode and accomplish unique in-game objectives.

Alternate Jerseys

Unlock vintage alternate/third jerseys for all ten teams of the BHL when you complete the Story Mode in any difficulty. The jerseys can be used in all the modes once they are unlocked.


Earn trophies by advancing through the key moments in Story Mode and accomplishing hockey feats unique to Bush Hockey League such as “Score a goal while your teammate instigates the goalie”.


If you are reading this, you care about being the best of the best in the Bush League. Make no mistake consistent truculence and pugilism will be heavily rewarded when determining who soars to the top and who sinks to bottom of the charts.


From Dick Dale’s Hava Nagila to the late Stompin' Tom Connors’s Hockey Song, the soundtracks in the game are 70s inspired and include popular renditions of folk songs that are often played on the organ in hockey stadiums.

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